Terms of Service

  1. Users are only allowed to have 1 account per household and/or IP address. You may not share accounts with anyone. Do not give out your password.
  2. Do not use false information upon signup. Country, and Gender option will help you earn more with tasks as some tasks are targeted to specific users. If you are found to be doing fraud this will result in your tasks being denied by the advertiser and may result in your account being disabled for task fraud. All your earnings will be forfeited to repay all the advertisers you defrauded back.
  3. Do not use profanities or inappropriate words in your account username.
  4. Complete tasks correctly as described by the task.
  5. Do not use proxies, VPNs, or any other software that changes your device's default settings.
  6. Do not use fake information to complete tasks. Refer to term #2.
  7. Do not upload fake proof of completion images for tasks. Advertisers check these proofs, and can report your account for fraud and block your access to their offers. If we find that you're uploading fake proof of completion images your account will be disabled indefinitely and all earned revenue forfeited to repay the advertiser you defrauded.
  8. Do not use any type of automation software, plug-ins, extensions, bots, etc. This is very easy to detect and will result in your account being disabled. You must complete all tasks manually. If you don't have time to complete the task don't use our platform.
  9. We take fraud very seriously, if you are found to be doing fraud your account will be disabled.
  10. There no exceptions to these rules.

  1. Do not create referral multies (be your own referral under fake IP addresses), or attempt to fraud our referral system. Referral multies is fraud and will result in your account being disabled.
  2. Do not spam our links on any website. Please follow all website terms if they allow users to post content. Do not infringe on any website terms of service or content policies with our links.
  3. Do not mislead referrals into signing up. When promoting the site you must promote it exactly as the site is. Do not lie or mislead others about our platform to get referrals.
  4. Do not lie about accumulated revenue you have received to get referrals.
  5. Do not alter our promotional banners in anyway. You may create your own promotional banners as long as the banner image/text follows these rules.
  6. Do not infringe on any trademarks or copyright with our platform name "Paid Ref" on any created material (websites, images, etc) - this is illegal and could result in legal action.
  7. You must complete 3 tasks or offers to cash out your referral earnings if using the referral program. You can request a cashout bypass via our support if your referrals are completing tasks or offers.
  8. You will earn your referral signup bonus of $0.10 after your referral completes their first task or offer worth $0.05 or 5 points.

  1. Advertisers can only have one account per business or personal use.
  2. Do not attempt to fraud our advertising system in anyway, or fraud our payment options.
  3. You must payout users that correctly complete your offers. Failure to properly payout users will result in your advertiser account being disabled, all tasks disabled, and deposit balance will be returned to your payment account and the payment account will be blocked from our entire system.
  4. Do not use false information when creating tasks. We review all tasks submitted on the platform.
  5. Do not promote:
    • Hacking related tasks
    • Warez/Nulled related tasks
    • Trojan, Malware, or Virus (or anything that negatively affects the users device) related tasks
    • Drugs, violence or adult content of any kind
    • Self-harm related content
    • Any tasks that infringes on a websties terms of service, or content polices
    • Illegal or dishonest tasks
    • Our website links
  6. Be sure to sign into your account daily if you have active tasks, if you are inactive for 48 hours or more your tasks will be disabled automatically
Failure to follow the above terms will result in your account being disabled. Paid Ref reserves the right to edit, change, modify, or alter these terms at any time.